Nicky’s Show in Dublin

October 30, 2006 Ace Albion

My good friend Nicky Ree had her fashion show in the Dublin sim on saturday evening (12pm SLT) which I think went very well, all things considered.

This post is as much a reminder that I have to email Nicky a brazillion(tm) snapshots I took through the event. Luckily most of the outfits rezzed in time for pics (some just before or during the initial walk out onto the stage area). Even with camming into the model holding area, rez times were pretty frustrating.

None of it helped by the audience being full of people in their most flexiest multigadgeted, channel 0 AO n blingest gear lagging the place to all hell and back. No, flower, typing “/ao off” really doesn’t help much at all. Maybe someone will learn one day. I wore Nicky’s Shimmery Diva (in purple of course!) which looked great in regular skirt option sans flexis. Or would have, if it wasn’t Missing Image(tm). Oh well, I was there to cheer on and take pics, not look fab anyway :).

Yay to Molly for modelling well and not falling in the drink- I thought it was difficult with slow screen refresh while looking at the models- turning my camera round to face the crowd (and one of the primmiest sims in SL) all but killed my PC. Those models had to wade out into that every time, so well done to them for hitting their marks.

I saw 54 on the map at one time, and the visitor counter thing logged about 78? Nicky brought more crowd than Ben Folds 😉

Pics to follow when I’ve dug them out!

Yay pic!

Molly creeps up on Nicky after the show!


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  • 1. Molly Menoptra&hellip  | 

    Who’s sneakin!!! i don’t sneak. I glide gracefully 😛 That’s until i get a heel stuck in a hem and go arse over boobies landing in a fabulous heap of fabulousness…of course!!! Well done to Nicky for being the bestest, fabest, coolest designer in SL!!!

    PS Can i have that frock in blue 🙂

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