Another reason I hate scripting

December 28, 2006 Ace Albion

As I mentioned in the big fat turkey stuffing post below, I updated my house control.  As well as the colour handling stuff (not used on any other houses but kept in for future use) it has:

Ability to allow “anyone” to operate the privacy settings

Menu! – the basic stuff for windows and doors is now available on one of those blue menus on command. This was pretty easy to put in so I’m kind of embarrassed I didn’t do it earlier.

Anyway, why the hate? Well I have about 15 or so houses that don’t have the updated script, and people all over who don’t have it. Redoing and reboxing all the houses is something that wakes me up in a cold sweat at night. So it’s all a bit sticky.

The upshot is- if you have one of my places (only the modable ones) and you want the updated script- gimme a shout 🙂 Then I ‘ll figure out a way to send it out to everyone.


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