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February 6, 2007 Ace Albion

It’s been a while since I updated this advertorial with Stuff I Have Made…

And there’s been a lot :O

In no special order:

TRIG – My super friend Molly Menoptra made this! I tidied up some corners and textures, and set up the scripts, but the design is all hers.

TILT – a low prim cabin thing. I was thinking about stilts and awkward hillsides, that’s about all there is to say for this.

SPUN – A remake of the SPAN house. White concrete and an extended lower floo, in the same number of prims. Also newer snazzier floor textures.

CHIC/CHOC – I thought I could make two houses at once, like twins. Thanks to a sim problem in SL I ended up making them twice anyway (the first ones were lost forever, but the second ones came out better) lots of glass in these. Thinking about the FURI and the glasshouse section, I did something similar here- they’re long houses but in my mind the extra length is more an indoor open space than just part of the house.

ARGE – Monster House. All started with one wall shape idea I wanted to explore (and lost almost as soon as I started building). This thing just kept growing. The main design change during building was a choice to glass in the pool area, make it an indoor space. Three bedrooms plus another small room, and a whole lot of open floor space over the lower levels. It’s a pretty brutal kind of a house. Imposing.

EXTO – Curves, but only a couple. The main reason for this house was the vertical curved wall, which was then echoed in the roof. Adding the glass and walls all came from those two shapes, making them look extruded from the boxy part of the house.

CERL – Made for fun, while working on ZOOL (below) I wanted to do something funky, something with the typical small house features but with a bit more fun. So the swirly circle theme made these look a little like brightly coloured modernist snails or something. I tinted up four variations to show how simple it is to edit that way, and packaged them all in the box.

ZOOL – A folly. I wanted to do a Monolith. The side section is good old fibonacci stuff- 2:3 ratio. The floors were going to be too, but they got spaced at a more usual 5 metres or so. I did sneak in a taller roof on the top floor and a roof garden with pool though 😀 This actually would fit on First Land 512sqm parcels. If you’re insane. Or hate your neighbours 🙂

CABA – Another super low prim deal, from an idea from a picture of a prefab house that’s been in my head for a while. It’s simple horizontally biased lines, the wood paneling adding to the effect. The main goal was keeping prims low. 12 total so I’m quite happy with that.

KOOB – Parker and I had this idea that seeing as I say I build boxy houses, we should think of concepts for an actual box- a cube. So I built this as a 20x20x20 cube. The construction involved a LOT of cut and hollow prims, rotated here, sliced up there… texturing took some care to reset all the offsets and repeats but I like how it came out. It’s like the ARGE in terms of features (3 bed, bathroom, pool room) but in a more focused shape. The wood paneling got used again- the cube looked quite nice in plain white but I have this wood thing on my mind right now.

BLOK – A house built on the basic idea of having horizontal white lines joined by one vertical on the end. The house grew beyond that, but I still managed to get two indoor levels and a full length roof deck in 21 prims. Pretty nifty, and a short build.


Boxy pics below!



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7 Comments Add your own

  • 1. rand&hellip  | 


    zool looks amazing

    will have to indulge in one for the day i get second land

  • 2. rand&hellip  | 

    shit cant i delete my url from previous message

  • 3. Ace Albion&hellip  | 

    Did you want it deleting? I did that anyway 🙂

  • 4. rand&hellip  | 

    ace, ace

  • 5. Ace Albion&hellip  | 

    no probs- oh and I want a list of media urls off you to work on a widget for you 😉

  • 6. Jamma&hellip  | 

    wow, island life is really agreeing with you, this is a tremendous release!

    heh heh, i snuck out and bought a Choc for my mountaintop, so i can turn my back on that pesky skyscraper and just see trees, pond and birds out the window

  • 7. rand&hellip  | 

    my only sl access is work uni nowadays – ill get on it when im back in next week
    chill the bill 😉

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