Time Dilation

February 8, 2007 Ace Albion

I can rez and position a house, even a three/four part build without the help of rez-faux etc, in around two minutes if I pay attention. For a single object house, under 30 seconds.

Doing this for someone else, takes a minimum of half an hour. Again, only 30 seconds to 2 minutes of this is actually placing the building on the landscape.

This is why I don’t automatically agree to go help someone put their house up. Especially when it’s for a house that cost less than the coffee I just drank.

I do, of course, answer questions in IMs (even though this takes time too, at least I can be working on my builds in between responses). And I do sympathise when someone explodes their house or deletes it, but you know, telling me you don’t want to spend time repositioning a new copy, is basically saying you want me to spend my time doing it for you.

The last problem is fairly simple to solve- making a note of the house (or house pieces) position and rotation in a notecard will mean any fresh copies being perfectly positioned. In fact this made me think of a script feature to report this stuff into chat so it’s easy to copy and keep.

Unlinking houses makes doors act funny, it’s true. It also stops internal object messaging (for windows etc) working too. If you want to edit part of the house, I advise working on one prim at a time, unlinking only individual prims as needed. When relinking, the prim collection with the original house root prim in, must be selected last. All door movements are relative to this prim, and the control script sits in it.

That reminds me, my control script is up to version 2.4m if you want a free upgrade, IM me 🙂


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