Great Big Update!

March 7, 2007 Ace Albion

I have actually made one more house since I last posted… but it was also the first house to be built with my revamped, new, snazzy 2.5 version house control, so it got held up a while during script testing and feature adding. I also had to change the rezzer platform script (some technical problem with SL being rubbish) so that I could add the SECOND PLATFORM! Yes, that’s right. Now double the opportunities for fisticuffs at the rezzing stations, with two platforms. Not that anyone noticed the teleporter right in the middle of the platform…

I also updated every mod/copy house I’ve done to use the new 2.5 system. During the update, I replaced all the door scripts to ones that will be more friendly to modifications- more on that below. So over 30 houses (including the bigger, awkward rez-box ones) updated with new controls and scripts and stuff. And all free for existing owners.

So what’s so cool about 2.5 and why should you flood my IMs with requests for updated scripts or house replacements?

The biggest feature, is that 2.5 is going to be much easier to update in future- I found that remotescriptpinblah LSL stuff, so the house scripts are all set to work with update boxes that can be collected free from the store, or sent out to members of the Five Points group (join now- it’s open and free!)

Other features:

  • Menu- in since 2.3m but now every house has menu out of the box!
  • Setup menu for the owner, including:
    • show relay- reminds you what relay channel your house is using- the relay channel is now randomly generated on first use of the menu, so this is handy to know.
    • Update script- rez an update box out by the house, then choose this option to update all the control and relay scripts.
    • lights yes/no – enables the main menu’s light controls, because some people got confused and were demanding to know where their lights were due to 2.4m having a lights on/off button even though I haven’t yet finished my optional lighting accessories system. Call this a little future-proofing
    • install. This will be used for things like optional unlinked accessories like lights, etc. It sends out a quick message on the default relay channel to change the accessory to listen on the house’s personal relay channel. So each house can talk to its own accessories without the chat spilling over to other houses etc.
    • say pos. This will get the house, or house sections, to report their x,y,z positions and rotations into chat for you. If you use this option, you can paste those numbers into a notecard or text file, and then you have an easy and quick reference on how to replace a house on the exact same spot in future. Handy!
    • change cha. Short for change channel, but menu buttons are too short and I didn’t want to change the way the command worked to accomodate a smaller label. This doesn’t do anything other than explain how to change the house command channel- because that still involves typing in a number, but it’s on the menu because everything should be, even if the button only offers advice.
  • Improved use of access level checking which will make future options for implementing new access systems a lot easier.

Oh… I changed the default relay channel because the houses now shout over it (for larger builds) and I didn’t want older houses getting griefed by the bossy new script. I know that despite my pleadings in my old notecards, almost nobody changed their relay channels to unique values for each house, so that’s why now it’s done automagically.

I also changed the default command channel. Just to keep you on your toes and make sure you at least gave the new instruction notecard a cursory glance. 🙂

Doors- doors now work on a prim description basis. So if you look at the door prims you’ll see they have stuff in the description field. Mess with this stuff and you’re going to bust your doors. But then people unlink their doors and still tell me they have a “problem with your house”. I dunno, do people take the wheels off their cars and then call up Ford…

Anyway, the format is

n<x,y,z> for sliding doors, and n<x,y,z>:<x,y,z> for rotaty ones.

the sliding doors get their position relative to root on script reset (so reset the script if you edit the house). “n” is either 1 for a locking door, or 0 for a non-locking door. So you can make internal doors lock if you want, by switching 0 to 1 for those.

examples- sliding external balcony door:


Locking door, that moves 3.25 metres up the Y direction from where it was when reset, to open.

Internal bedroom door


non-locking, starts at rotation 0,90,0 relative to the root, and rotates 90 degrees in the Y axis to open.

Builders should know what all this stuff means. If you don’t, then I advise you don’t edit houses and doors etc. My houses are modifyable, they’re not foolproof DIY home building kits. You wouldn’t pull all the wires out of your car engine and then expect it to work- my houses are the same, so edit safely.

So, now 2.5 is done, I can look forward to wish-list stuff like access lists, touchpad controls…

So form an orderly queue and I’ll be handing out, FREE, updated scripts and houses in boxes. This should be the last time I ever have to ask you to drag and drop a script yourself- the new update system should be a doddle!


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