New House! and other things

June 5, 2007 Ace Albion


LOPO is a kind of sister house to LEVE- it is roughly the same size, but with a different layout- the key feature being the party pool/tub in the ground floor. It has a thick foundation and steps so the pool will work anywhere, but the best way to enjoy it, I think, is to sit the house into land near sea level, dig out underneath and use the sim water instead of the splashy prim water!

Lights are “done” and now in the early part of testing- yay! To start with, there will be a range of very inexpensive, simple lights- hopefully more styles to follow.

I’ve also started on a new version of the house control system. It will feature notecard access list support in addition to the existing group based stuff, plus some other features I’ve been wanting to put in šŸ™‚


Entry Filed under: Building in Second Life

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