Updates for July!

July 9, 2007 Ace Albion

Well the GLOW lights seem to be working ok- no IMs at all about not being able to get them working or anything, so yay! To celebrate, I made two more styles of lights. KOLA is a simple hanging light, like GLOW, but with a round bulb and a cone light shade, like a more typical indoor light. HALO is a wall light, a suggestion that I thought was a great idea. Both styles of lights are available in the 5 Points interiors store at Deco, and come in the same increasingly discounted packs as the GLOW.

I made some simple low-prim stores a while ago, that I finally got time to package up for sale. They come in boxes of two, in four styles, with a multipack discounted 25% for the whole set of eight-available from the yellow commercial boards at our display n sales platforms 🙂

I was sent a landmark to another copy of one of my houses for sale- ONUS this time, in a change from the counterfeit ARGEs. It was different in some ways, but the guy had even recreated the upstairs  wall prim detailing, the vaguely Mondrian stlye accenting I’d used in the original. Well, they say mimicry is flattery, or something. I don’t understand it. It’s not really so hard to make an original design when it’s simple.

Rodents Required! Lab rats, or dramatic prairie dogs- I’ve been kind of sitting on a script update for a while now- it allows an access list based on notecards, just like Parker’s funky new ParkLife builds do. If anyone wants to test it out before I make an official updater gizmo, then let me know with an IM 🙂

Works in progress- mahoosive house and script update (very complicated, makes my brain hurt), a funky angular house that’s breaking my will to live, and a kind-of-modular home- I made a small chalet thing that could squeeze onto a 512m2 plot, then realised I could stick some more onto it to make a proper home. The idea is if you get the home, you get a cute chalet pretty much for free.


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