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Blog Move!

I’m still fixing it up, but the new blog is now at:


1 comment August 31, 2007

Blaaargh! Blog!

So I made a wordpress thing so I could comment on the SL blog. It asked if I wanted to make a blog too, and it seemed rude to say no :D.

Dunno what will go on here. Same old merry-go-round everywhere else. Everyone has a blog, but I haven’t ever felt a burning need (drink plenty of water is my advice if you do, it helps to keep the soreness down). So I’ll rant a bit, perhaps, pimp my stuff maybe.

Oh and do something about the template style thing. I really dig the cuteness, but green! Pffft!

Oh and I never did see a comment of mine show up on that stoopid LL blog. Rubbish!

2 comments October 24, 2006

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