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It’s been a while since I updated this advertorial with Stuff I Have Made…

And there’s been a lot :O

In no special order:

TRIG – My super friend Molly Menoptra made this! I tidied up some corners and textures, and set up the scripts, but the design is all hers.

TILT – a low prim cabin thing. I was thinking about stilts and awkward hillsides, that’s about all there is to say for this.

SPUN – A remake of the SPAN house. White concrete and an extended lower floo, in the same number of prims. Also newer snazzier floor textures.

CHIC/CHOC – I thought I could make two houses at once, like twins. Thanks to a sim problem in SL I ended up making them twice anyway (the first ones were lost forever, but the second ones came out better) lots of glass in these. Thinking about the FURI and the glasshouse section, I did something similar here- they’re long houses but in my mind the extra length is more an indoor open space than just part of the house.

ARGE – Monster House. All started with one wall shape idea I wanted to explore (and lost almost as soon as I started building). This thing just kept growing. The main design change during building was a choice to glass in the pool area, make it an indoor space. Three bedrooms plus another small room, and a whole lot of open floor space over the lower levels. It’s a pretty brutal kind of a house. Imposing.

EXTO – Curves, but only a couple. The main reason for this house was the vertical curved wall, which was then echoed in the roof. Adding the glass and walls all came from those two shapes, making them look extruded from the boxy part of the house.

CERL – Made for fun, while working on ZOOL (below) I wanted to do something funky, something with the typical small house features but with a bit more fun. So the swirly circle theme made these look a little like brightly coloured modernist snails or something. I tinted up four variations to show how simple it is to edit that way, and packaged them all in the box.

ZOOL – A folly. I wanted to do a Monolith. The side section is good old fibonacci stuff- 2:3 ratio. The floors were going to be too, but they got spaced at a more usual 5 metres or so. I did sneak in a taller roof on the top floor and a roof garden with pool though 😀 This actually would fit on First Land 512sqm parcels. If you’re insane. Or hate your neighbours 🙂

CABA – Another super low prim deal, from an idea from a picture of a prefab house that’s been in my head for a while. It’s simple horizontally biased lines, the wood paneling adding to the effect. The main goal was keeping prims low. 12 total so I’m quite happy with that.

KOOB – Parker and I had this idea that seeing as I say I build boxy houses, we should think of concepts for an actual box- a cube. So I built this as a 20x20x20 cube. The construction involved a LOT of cut and hollow prims, rotated here, sliced up there… texturing took some care to reset all the offsets and repeats but I like how it came out. It’s like the ARGE in terms of features (3 bed, bathroom, pool room) but in a more focused shape. The wood paneling got used again- the cube looked quite nice in plain white but I have this wood thing on my mind right now.

BLOK – A house built on the basic idea of having horizontal white lines joined by one vertical on the end. The house grew beyond that, but I still managed to get two indoor levels and a full length roof deck in 21 prims. Pretty nifty, and a short build.


Boxy pics below!



7 comments February 6, 2007 Ace Albion

Here’s one we made earlier

On Friday, Keystone Bouchard sent out a request on the archtecty type groups in SL looking for some people to help with a short machinima about how collaborative building in SL could work for RL design. Or something.

Keystone had a floorplan (to actual scale, another topic of interest to SL builders around that…) and we rezzed some stuff. Then he whipped out a finished house and we pretended to finish up 🙂

You can see the finished video Here

1 comment January 29, 2007 Ace Albion

Virtual Community Discussion

At the weekend I attended a discussion group at Clear Ink Island, focusing on virtual communities and how architecture can help/encourage the building of them.

It was cool to spend a couple of hours in the company of people discussing this stuff- some interesting thoughts around how spaces, the use of them, might work.

The transcript has been posted up (Word document only :/ ) on the Clear Night Sky blog. linky

Add comment January 17, 2007 Ace Albion

Permission to speak

“It says modify allowed on the box but when I click buy it says no modify. What’s up with that?”

I’ve been asked this, or something like it, at least three times this week so far. So I explain that there are scripts in the houses which are no-mod, and content/inventory permissions usually show the most restrictive collection of permissions in the object and its contents. In this case, no-modify scripts cause an object to show (no modify). I get this too- my own house pieces, made by me, show (no modify) the moment I put a rez-faux positioner script in. They’re still my prims and I can still edit/delete/retexture/change contents etc.

I even put up a great big explanation board by my house rezzer, but I still got IMed this question by someone stood right there, so I don’t know what the answer is.

So why does this bother me? I don’t mind answering the question, and if I ever did accidentally package something with the wrong permissions I’d certainly fix it and get it to everyone ASAP. What bothers me is- for every person who IMs me to ask about this (and I know myself I almost never IM a retailer about these things, I’m too shy), how many others silently marked me as a scamming moneygrabber in their mind and TP’d away, all because of how permissions are tagged?


1 comment January 9, 2007 Ace Albion

Another reason I hate scripting

As I mentioned in the big fat turkey stuffing post below, I updated my house control.  As well as the colour handling stuff (not used on any other houses but kept in for future use) it has:

Ability to allow “anyone” to operate the privacy settings

Menu! – the basic stuff for windows and doors is now available on one of those blue menus on command. This was pretty easy to put in so I’m kind of embarrassed I didn’t do it earlier.

Anyway, why the hate? Well I have about 15 or so houses that don’t have the updated script, and people all over who don’t have it. Redoing and reboxing all the houses is something that wakes me up in a cold sweat at night. So it’s all a bit sticky.

The upshot is- if you have one of my places (only the modable ones) and you want the updated script- gimme a shout 🙂 Then I ‘ll figure out a way to send it out to everyone.

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Stuffed, and stuff

Still in the middle of various trips to visit friends and familym but finding time to build in SL as always 🙂

So I look and see not many updates in my blogvertorial- I’ll spam some box pics at the bottom of the post somewhere, don’t worry!

I was contacted by a guy who buys and sells land in SL (a flipper as we call them). It’s something I’ve done myself a couple of times, but overall too much unfun work scouring the world for nice plots. I guess anything sells with the land market how it is right now (ie insane) but this guy was asking about buying transferable houses- to pretty up some plots for sale. It seemed like a good idea, so I started working on one- I don’t change the permissions on my existing houses, I tried that once, it was an utter mess with all the scripts etc needing changing over, and ending up with a no copy *and* no transfer house. Doh! So I started on this house. I figured I would make it no mod, because it would be no copy- the OMG9 was built to be broken but this one was going to be more complex. So in order to give this new house some individuality, I started on colour changing commands. I got it to listen to RGB values, and had colour changing accent lines. It nagged at me that nobody would want to be using RGB values all the time, so I wanted to make a list of colours like all my old shoes used to use. Scouring the web for colour/rgb lists, I found some. They took a good evening’s chopping around in Excel and wordpad, but eventually I got something that could be read from notecard into lists. I stopped work on the house to do some other things, because by now the scripting was driving me crazy. I also wanted to take the chance to add some features to my House Control while I was breaking it for this colour thing, so that held everything up. I didn’t want to release new houses without the new script.

Phew. So I built a cute little eight prim cabin with a smokey chimney, getting into the winter spirit. It was also a chance to make a couple of new textures, which is always good. I called it LOGI.

Back to this scripted colour changing resellable house then. Sally helped with testing the script, and noticed that the house wasn’t always talking back- it generally whispers, so there’s a limit to range. At her suggestion, I changed all the command responses to Instant Messages, which worked very well. I also redid the messaging system a little bit, because the house had scripts in almost *every prim* (I can hear the gasps of horror from my scripter friends now- hi Illya!) and my original wouldn’t let the root prim talk to itself. So that was fixed. Bundled all together, and only having to delete a handful of colour names out of the notecard due to some stack memory error (146 shades was too many) the FORM house was finally completed.


Too much square stuff, I wanted to build something curvy. The next house came together surprisingly quickly, considering that few of the flat prims are the same size (all shuffling round each other to allow for curves etc). It was originally going to be two floors, but that third one was crying out to be made. So that was how the DOMI was born, and I love looking at its hoop and swirl outlines from up and around it.

Thinking back to the FORM house, I spent an evening coming up with something smaller- low low prim, a kind of “Child of FORM” in 16 prims, and I called it the STEP.

Hanging out with a friend (waves to Furiae) who is also now my number one sales rep 😀 I knew I wanted to do something more on the “rustic” scale. Well, as rustic as I get anyway. I didn’t want to redo the wood and render of the STIC and RYLO, instead I went with some rough stone. This house was built around the idea of having a cute greenhouse area. But you know as well as I do that people aren’t going to put little trees or koi carp ponds in- it’s gonna be the hot tub space, right?  😀 So I made the FURI, named after the gal who inspired it.

Blimey. From the LOGI cabin chimney, and working on the FURI cabin, I wanted to make an actual accessory fireplace. It took some fighting with particle scripts (I wanted to keep it low prim, so the emitters are the same prims as the actual model). Three prims, in a variety of styles, and the FLAM fireplace was done.

At least one more low prim house built to shell level, a couple of goofy store build ideas half built and put away for another day, and to add to it all, Molly made a really really cool building. So I have been working on fixing that up (always lots of snags) and it will be out on sale SOON- Molly Made Modernism 🙂 And now she shows me another cool house design she came up with today! If I can pin her down to get her awesome furniture saleable we will have more stuff than we know what to do with!

Good gravy, talk about a bumper sized update.

Piccies below!


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Shiny new land!

Our island got delivered, and Celestia got sold so it’s one sim closing as another one opens…

Parker and I have got our shared store- her stuff going under the BLIP! name, mine under Ace’s Spaces and we have some of our stuff out already.

Mostly I’m giddy about the house rezzer platform thinger- click on a button and a house whooshes past your head (or hits you on it!)  it’s fun to play with. We’re in the island sim of Deco, along with friends Sally Seattle (REZOLUTION), Nicky Ree(Nicky Ree Boutique) and Shai Delacroix (Casa del Shai) so come have a nosey 🙂


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I hate scripting!


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Live in a house, a very big house in the country

I prefer to build small houses, but sometimes I like to think big. Since I made the STIC out of the idea of a converted barn, I started wondering about a big old farm house idea. Laying out 4×3 8x8metre bases I started building… Using the same plastered walls and wooden beams from the STIC. The wood was initially tinted red like Nicky’s store build, but in the end I prefered the subtler look of the dark wood.

The RYLO lodge style huge home- again that idea of something old renovated with modern stuff.

snapshot_016.jpg snapshot_019.jpgsnapshot_021.jpg



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Circling the square

Someone asked me about a house to go on their plot- a cliff top 1024 with a great view of a huge valley. I’ve shied away from bespoke/custom work after the pains of building for rentals back in August- there’s something about having to keep asking if stuff is ok that makes it a little less fun, more like work. Of course building for friends is ok, they’re usually too nice to complain!

Anyway I wasn’t building anything in particular, and as we talked and I ummed and ah’d about it all, I got the ideas in my head and started building.  The next day, the house was made, and a couple of tweaks later in the weekend it was finished, presented, and boxed for general sale.

Made for cliff views (the client didn’t need the side ramp, but I added it for ground placement), here’s the WENG


Then I felt like I was making too many boxes, so one night I made something made entirely from circles as a giggle. Not much to say about this one, except it was fun to make, and not too hard to add floors to for some kind of crazy towering toobs.



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